Project 1

Cook Together

To make cooking easy for everyone. By using this app anyone can cook. Specially for beginners who have zero knowledge of cooking.

Project 2

Being Volunteer

A mobile Application to help others Voluntarily. This app is available in 2 versions (iOS & Android version).User can use this app to help anybody who is in need of help. User can perform 2 major tasks

1). Create help request

2). Accept help request.

Project 3

Easy to Note

A mobile Application to note. User can note down whatever he/she wants to note. This app will help users to keep track of important notes. It is to manage notes. It is easy to create note. Easy to delete ,sort, share, edit note.

Project 4

Feel Sporty

Online Store for all kind of sports wear and sports accessories. I have designed this project on the basis of given user stories from UI design course. As per requirement, this project is designed in a way that customer can explore products without any registration, customer can view the product rating and feedback from other customers and can buy multiple products at the same time from cart. Customer can search products sports wise too.

Project 5

Messenger App

The purpose of the Messenger application is to allow users be able to the chat with each other, like a normal chat application. The users will be able to chat with each other.